Career Resources for Online MBA Students at CSU Monterey Bay

If you're pursuing an Online MBA, career development is likely one of your primary goals. From transitioning into a role in business, to moving up at your current company, to obtaining your dream position, an MBA is one of the best ways to build a career that is stimulating and fulfilling. When you enroll in the Online MBA at California State University, Monterey Bay, you get access to all the great career resources that on-campus students get.

Why Use Career Resources?

Using CSU Monterey Bay’s career resources before embarking on a job search can save you valuable time and help you hone in on what you really want out of your career. The career resources site allows you to:

  • Get advice from professional experts
  • Gain resources that make a career search more efficient
  • Learn options you may not have realized were available to you
  • Optimize materials you'll need as you're applying for jobs

Here's a look at just a few of the tools available to current students and alumni:

Resumes and Cover Letters

The CSU Monterey Bay career resources department can assist students and alumni with resume writing, resume polishing and cover letter development. CSUMB has created videos explaining the basics of each of these essential tools for a successful job search. As resume and cover letter trends are constantly evolving in terms of what recruiters and hirers are looking for, it's also wise to chat with a career services advisor to learn the latest tips to make them effective.

Career Counseling

Career counseling offered by the Career Development Office provides Online MBA students personalized advice and insights into effective steps to take on their professional journey. In addition to learning how to research careers, students can get help in areas such as:

  • Narrowing down career options
  • Possible employers to consider
  • Tips for navigating the application and interview process
  • How to grow in an established career
  • Resources that can help particular professionals in specific career paths

A career counselor is your personal advocate in developing a more meaningful career. There are many companies that charge significant fees to provide professionals with career assistance. As a student or graduate of CSU Monterey Bay, you can continue to access these valuable career resources during any point of your career. Make an appointment with a career counselor here.

LinkedIn Resources

The Career Development Office assists students who are new to LinkedIn or who need to optimize their profiles. A career advisor can help you:

  • Learn about LinkedIn and why it's important for career development
  • Create a complete LinkedIn profile that is searchable to recruiters
  • Optimize an existing LinkedIn profile by adding relevant skills and experience
  • Use LinkedIn to build relationships with business professionals, connect with companies and grow a professional online profile

Take a look at CSUMB’s online LinkedIn Resources for more information.

FOCUS Career Services

As you're working toward your Online MBA, knowing your strengths and interests can help you to hone in on your career goals so you're set up for success during study and beyond. The Career Development Office offers a series of short assessments called the FOCUS Career Finder, which students can take online. Completing these assessments can help you:

  • Discover a career you'll thrive in
  • Get a head start on a career search during your coursework
  • Become aware of what you need to be challenged and stimulated in a career
  • Develop leadership skills based on the strengths you possess

The FOCUS Career Finder is free to CSU Monterey Bay students and alumni, so they can discover how their personality, skills, values and interests can benefit them in the business world.

Contact the CSU Monterey Bay Career Development Office for More Information

In addition to the career resources mentioned above, students can also go online for information on disclosing disabilities and how to connect a major to a career. A downloadable career guide with resume examples, interview tips, and much more is also available.

To get connected with the Career Development Office at CSU Monterey Bay, please call (831) 582-3845 for more information. Or talk with your admissions outreach advisor, who can put you in touch with the appropriate department.

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