Benefits of Online Learning at CSUMB

Our program’s online learning platform is designed to deliver the assets you’ll need to meet and exceed employer expectations: the right credentials and applicable experience. Created with the needs of working professionals in mind, our program utilizes one of the greatest benefits of online learning- the flexibility to complete dynamic experiential coursework at anytime, from anywhere, all without sacrificing your current career progress. With a strong and strategic focus on Responsible Business, CSUMB intends to educate business-ready graduates who go on to join top companies or start their own, instilled with these values:

  • Honesty in dealings with partners and clients
  • Empathetic treatment of employees
  • Promoting a culture of diversity and respect throughout a workplace
  • Giving back to communities through charitable efforts
  • Making business decisions that take into account the environment and future generations

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"Studying online presented the opportunity to continue pursuing my work endeavors, while simultaneously improving upon my academic credentials and knowledge."

Sean Kranyak, MBA 2016

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Get the Facts from CSUMB Students and Alumni

Watch the videos below to hear directly from current students and alumni about the CSUMB Responsible Business Online MBA program and the online learning experience.

Carol Rodriguez, MBA '22, Online MBA Experience
Carol Rodriguez, MBA '22: Online MBA Experience
On Now
Carol Rodriguez, MBA '22: Online MBA Experience
Carol Rodriguez, MBA '22: Career Impact
On Now
Carol Rodriguez, MBA '22: Career Impact
Danny Conyers, CSUMB MBA '22: Online MBA Experience
On Now
Danny Conyers, CSUMB MBA '22: Online MBA Experience
Danny Conyers, CSUMB MBA '22: Career Impact
On Now
Danny Conyers, CSUMB MBA '22: Career Impact
Luke Gray, CSUMB MBA '21: Online MBA Experience
On Now
Luke Gray, CSUMB MBA '21: Online MBA Experience
Luke Gray, CSUMB MBA '21: Career Impact
On Now
Luke Gray, CSUMB MBA '21: Career Impact

Gain Real-World Experience With Online Convenience

The College of Business at CSUMB integrates experiential learning into nearly every facet of online learning platform of the Responsible Business Online MBA program by encouraging students to put business principles into action by practicing with simulations and tackling realistic, modern scenarios. Some projects include:

  • Business Simulations: Participate in online business simulations in several courses that put you in the shoes of a manager in order to build a variety of practical skills
  • Global Sustainable Business: In a three-week virtual consultancy with a community-led company dedicated to resolving economic disparities and empowering communities to reduce inequalities, students team up to help resolve current, real-world challenges related to microfinance, microenterprises, and business plans
  • Responsible Business Capstone: Synthesize your learning at the end of the program in a business capstone, an in-depth multi-week, team-based experience that will enable you to integrate and apply the knowledge you acquired in all previous courses

Immerse Yourself in the Online Classroom: Learn Online, Not Alone.

Online doesn’t mean you’re on your own! From enrollment to graduation, students will be fully immersed in our innovative and engaging online learning platform.

At CSUMB, we create opportunities for personal engagement with faculty and classmates to foster a supportive learning environment during weekly meet up sessions to ensure you’re on track and poised to succeed. Throughout the program, you’ll have the chance to grow your professional network in a collaborative learning environment with a tightly knit cohort of diverse peers. With classmates from multiple occupational backgrounds helping to expand your knowledge and challenge your

understanding of how business functions across different industries, you’ll build the confidence to make strong business decisions as you form your own career path.

Learn more about the upcoming opportunities for students to network with faculty and fellow MBA students, including virtual Happy Hours.

Free Online Tutoring

We strive to shape competitive and responsible business leaders of the future by encouraging students to put business principles into action by practicing with simulations and tackling realistic, modern scenarios.

A crucial part of shaping future leaders is supporting them in their journey. This includes the availability of free online tutoring in English as well as Bilingual Support/English as a Second Language (ESOL) for all Responsible Business online MBA students via NetTutor. As part of this service, online math tutoring is available, and writing assignments can be submitted, 24 hours a day, every day of the week. All writing submissions to NetTutor will maintain a 48-hour turnaround time.

We also offer online tutoring for business specific courses in English and ESOL/Bilingual support. We strongly recommend that students utilize the free tutoring available for the Responsible Business Communication course as well as the quantitative courses in the program.

For more details about our online tutoring options, connect with an Admissions Advisor.

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