An Online MBA Program From a Top-Ranked University1

Advance Your Business Career in as Few as 16 Months

Learn on your own time as you earn our 100% online degree that grounds you in the fundamentals of business, while opening up opportunities for higher income and senior-level positions. Our entirely unique Responsible Business curriculum is designed around the themes of "Innovation, Responsibility, Impact"; it shapes your education based on the Quintuple Bottom Line elements of profit, people, planet, ethics, and equity.

Gain a Silicon-Valley Mindset That Puts You Ahead of the Curve

As the first—and only—100% Online MBA program in the country with a focus on responsible business, CSUMB is ahead of the curve in educating 21st-century business leaders.

Our 16-month Online MBA program empowers students with the expertise that’s in-demand among global business leaders, including Silicon Valley companies: to deliver customer value and long-term corporate growth through the active concern for profit, people, planet, ethics, and equity.

Carolina Rodriguez
Carolina R., MBA ’23
The program at CSUMB was more modern than the other programs I looked at, and the Responsible Business focus showed the progressive thinking I was looking for.
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A quick and affordable path to your MBA
With our Online Responsible Business MBA, you can go from student to graduate in 16 months. No GMAT necessary. Our 30-credit master’s is not only quick-to-complete, it’s affordable. As an added bonus, books and an international consulting project are included with tuition. Visit the Tuition Page for more information.

An Online MBA program that pays off before you graduate2

Our Responsible Business program helps you develop a powerful professional network and the applicable skills to solve today’s biggest business challenges so you’re prepared to land in-demand, higher-paying roles.

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International Consultancy and Responsible Business Capstone

These experiences build skills that students can use now, connect them to a network of peers, and prepare students to solve the unique challenges of today’s business world.

23% Salary Increase

CSUMB alumni report receiving an average salary increase of 23% either during or upon completion of the program.2

Higher-Paying Careers at Leading Companies3

Our alumni have grown professionally and advanced their careers. One in two CSUMB alumni who are employed report receiving a promotion, or higher-level position at a new employer, either during or upon completion of the program.

A Diversity of Opportunity: Student Support and Networking

Responsible Business relies on diverse perspectives. Our program ensures them through our collaborative cohort model. CSUMB’s network of multilingual, multicultural, and gender-inclusive students and faculty brings diverse perspectives and discussion into the educational experience.

Our Online MBA includes online tutoring support, a dedicated student success coordinator, and responsive, experienced, highly credentialed faculty that support you every step of the way.

CSUMB is committed to graduating, advising, and supporting students to become reflective practitioners, innovative leaders, and thriving global citizens.

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Blair Orlando
Blair O., MBA ‘22
The real-life business involvement created purpose behind the project deliverables and allowed students to truly make a difference in an international environment.

CSUMB is proud to have achieved the following accolades that help make us a leader in Online MBA programs:

Top Public Schools
Regional Universities (West)3
Social Mobility
Regional Universities (West)3
Regional Universities (West)3

Why Choose an MBA from California State University, Monterey Bay?

CSUMB’s Online MBA degree program features a diverse student body of professionals who are working in healthcare, consulting, advertising, technology and financial services, among many other verticals.

There are many elements that make our 100% online program a great value:

  • Affordable tuition of $36K*
  • Apply for admission with no GMAT required
  • Receive personalized engagement with faculty and classes in supportive online classes capped at 30 students each
  • Benefit from case study discussions with peers and instructors that relate to today's business news and issues
  • Enjoy unique learning and networking opportunities in our interactive environment
  • Practice what you learn with online simulations
  • Accredited by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC)
  • Our unique curriculum will help you go further as a Responsible Business leader

Sustainability. Work-Life Balance. Strong Connections.

Learn about why Carol Rodriguez, MBA ‘22, chose the Responsible Business Online MBA, how she successfully fit her academics around her career and family commitments, and the robust network that CSUMB helped her build.

Hear from more Online MBA students and alumni about their experiences in the program and learning online.

Get the Facts

jose garcia
Responsible Business Case Study: Martinelli’s
Martinelli's demonstrates a strong commitment to the principles of Responsible Business. According to the Quintuple Bottom Line theory, a responsible business should be working simultaneously on five bottom lines: profit, people, planet, ethics, and equity.

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Interested in a CSUMB Online MBA?

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July 12th
Fall 2024 Term
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* Tuition includes the price of e-books

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