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California State University, Monterey Bay’s experienced faculty members are intellectual and supportive resources for students. Our highly credentialed educators truly understand the ins and outs of business and management development.

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Drawing from their professional and personal experiences, our faculty members are equipped to help you increase your business and career success.

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Meet CSUMB's MBA program leaders and other full-time faculty who teach in the Online MBA program:

Dr. Marylou Shockley

Interim Dean, School of Business

Author of several books, Dr. Marylou Shockley brings her passion for leadership, international business, and organizational behavior to the classroom. Her work in the fields of diversity and social application of network technologies is well-known and is based on her significant business experience with AT&T and Pacific Bell.

She earned her doctorate in business from Oxford University in England.

Dr. Nick Dahan

Professor and Director, Online MBA

Dr. Nick Dahan has worked as a faculty member at numerous American and French institutions over the past 15 years including Temple University, Tulane University, George Washington University, and the Marne-la-Vallée State University. During his doctoral studies, he also served as a lecturer in strategic management and international business at the University College Dublin. He has also served as a public affairs consultant at the European Union level for multinational enterprises and trade associations.

His research focuses primarily on non-market strategies, particularly the areas of corporate political activity, corporate social responsibility and corporate governance. His work has appeared in international refereed outlets such as Business & Society, Journal of Business Ethics, Journal of Business Research, Human Relations, Long Range Planning, and Strategic Organization.

Dr. Dahan holds a Ph.D. in Business Administration from the Conservatoire National des Arts et Métiers (CNAM) in Paris, a graduate diploma from Sciences Po and a BA in Economics from Paris-1 Sorbonne University.

Dr. Babita Gupta

Professor and Director of AACSB Accreditation

Dr. Babita Gupta is a professor of information systems and the director of AACSB Accreditation at the College of Business, California State University, Monterey Bay. She is one of the founding faculty of the College of Business and served as the interim chair of the school. Dr. Gupta is also serving on the board of Otter Student Union at CSUMB.

She has developed many courses in business intelligence and analytics, information technology innovation strategies, database management, and information systems for decision-making. She has also been invited as a guest faculty to develop and teach information system (IS) courses in universities in Europe and India. She has been published extensively in the areas of online security and privacy, business intelligence strategies, technology adoption, and the role of culture in IT in top IS journals.

Susan Szasz Harker

Lecturer and Associate Director, Responsible Business MBA

As associate director of the Responsible Business MBA program, Susan (Szasz) Harker is proud to be part of the development of responsible leaders that will help build the sustainable and ethical businesses of the future.

Susan has a broad business background, having worked in finance, operations, and human resources in the banking, telecomm, and high tech industries. She found her passion in human resources and led that function for global businesses at Hewlett-Packard before transitioning to academia to invest in the development of a diverse set of future leaders at CSUMB. She has taught Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Service Learning, and Macroeconomics at CSUMB and Managing for Organizational Effectiveness at the Naval Postgraduate School MBA.

She holds an MBA from UC Berkeley, a B.A. in Economics and French from Duke University, and is working on her Ph.D. in Management at UNC Greensboro where she is focusing on issues of social and economic equity as well as the gig economy.

Dr. Murray R. Millson


Dr. Murray Millson is currently professor of marketing at California State University, Monterey Bay. His most recent previous position was as the marketing program director of the MBA program and a professor in the Graduate School of Management and Technology at the University of Maryland, University College.

Dr. Millson has taught marketing and management courses at Syracuse, Santa Clara, San Jose State, and Golden Gate Universities, the Helsinki School of Economics and Business Administration, Helsinki, Finland, Bond University (Gold Coast, Australia), and the University of Western Australia (Perth, Australia). His business career includes 20 years with the General Electric Company in various engineering and management assignments. He is a registered professional engineer in quality engineering in the state of California. He loves to perform academic research related to innovation and marketing, to teach what he researches, and to travel while he’s researching.

His research has been published in the Journal of Product Innovation Management, R&D Management Journal, Industrial Marketing Management, International Journal of Innovation Management, Technovation, Research-Technology Management, Journal of Distance Education, Journal of Social Behavior and Personality, and International Journal of Healthcare Technology and Management. He also has co-authored “The Strategy of Managing Innovation and Technology,” a chapter in Managing New Technology Development, and “Practical Analytical Techniques for Business and Marketing.”

Dr. Millson earned a B.S. in Electrical Engineering and an M.S. in Industrial Management from Clarkson University, as well as an MBA and a Ph.D. from Syracuse University.

Dr. Gary Schneider


Dr. Gary Schneider is a professor of accounting in the College of Business at CSUMB. His prior academic appointments include the University of Cincinnati, Quinnipiac University, the University of Tennessee, Xavier University, and the University of San Diego.

Dr. Schneider has written nine books and more than 100 research papers on a variety of accounting, information systems, and management topics. His books have been published in more than 60 editions and versions, including Chinese, French, Italian, Korean, and Spanish translations. His research has been funded by the Irvine Foundation and the U.S. Office of Naval Research. His work has appeared in a number of journals, including Accounting Horizons, the Journal of Information Systems, Interfaces, the Information Systems Audit, and Control Journal and Issues in Accounting Education. He is also the American Accounting Association's 2019 Innovation in Accounting Education Award winner, which is sponsored by Ernst and Young.

Dr. Dante Di Gregorio


Dr. Dante Di Gregorio is a professor of strategy and international business at CSUMB. Previously, he was an associate professor at the University of New Mexico.

He received his Ph.D. from the University of Maryland, an MBA and an M.A. from the University of New Mexico, Albuquerque, and a B.A. from Trinity University.

Dr. Jenny Lin

Associate Professor

Dr. Meng-Hsien (Jenny) Lin is currently an associate professor of marketing at California State University Monterey Bay. She received her Ph.D. in Marketing from Iowa State University in 2014, as well as her MBA and M.S. in Biomedical Sciences prior to that. She holds a B.S. in Veterinary Medicine from Taiwan, where she is originally from.

Dr. Lin currently teaches Integrated Marketing Communications and Global Marketing in the BS of Business Administration program. She has also taught Fundamentals of Marketing, Marketing Research and Consumer Behavior in the past. Dr. Lin’s research focuses on studying individual differences in sensory (olfaction, haptic, visual) perceptions and its impact on consumer decision making and consumer well-being outcomes using a combination of surveys, behavioral experiments, neuroscience methods and in-depth interviews. Her other research interests involve understanding children’s cognitive and emotional processing of online advertising and the influence of social media with the focus of empowering parents (mothers in particular) through understanding their use of social media.

Dr. Scott Fausti

Associate Professor

Dr. Scott Fausti is currently an associate professor of agribusiness at California State University, Monterey Bay in the College of Business. He previously taught in the Department of Economics at South Dakota State University (SDSU) for 25 years, starting in a tenure track position before being promoted to full professor in 2000. He retired from SDSU in May of 2016.

Dr. Fausti began working in the area of livestock economics in 1992 and published research that focused primarily on price analysis, price discovery, and risk in livestock markets. During his tenure at SDSU, he held a South Dakota Experiment Station appointment from 1995 to 2016 and published more than 100 referred and non-referred articles.

He earned his bachelor's degree from North Dakota State University in 1986, his master’s degree from the University of Illinois U-C in 1988, and his Ph.D. in Economics from the University of Illinois U-C in 1991.

Dr. Angeline Nariswari

Associate Professor

Dr. Angeline (Ange) Nariswari is an associate professor of marketing and social entrepreneurship at California State University Monterey Bay. She received her Ph.D. in International Management (Marketing concentration) from University of Hawaii at Manoa, M.S. in Advertising from University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, and a bachelor’s in Management from the University of Indonesia.

Prior to entering academia, Dr. Nariswari worked in the lifestyle publication and marketing research industries in Indonesia. She handled accounts of key advertisers of Seventeen Indonesia magazine and then joined Taylor Nelson Sofres, a multinational marketing research company, to generate customer insights for various global fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) corporations with operations in Southeast Asia.

Dr. Nariswari joined the CSU Monterey Bay faculty in 2015. Her academic research builds on service-dominant logic as a means to develop new conceptual approaches to understanding collaborative value creation in markets and is particularly keen on researching how markets and marketing can be utilized to generate systemic change. She has, among others, been published in Marketing Letters, Journal of Service Management, and Journal of Macromarketing.

Dr. Shwadhin Sharma

Associate Professor

Dr. Shwadhin Sharma is an associate professor of information systems at California State University Monterey Bay. He received his Ph.D. in Information Systems from Mississippi State University. He holds an M.S. in Management from NCA&T University and an MBA and Bachelor of Business Administration from Nepal, his home country.

Dr. Sharma has developed several courses on data science and statistics. His teaching focuses on courses related to business analytics, information technology and systems, data sciences, and decision-making. He has provided consulting services to several organizations.

Dr. Sharma’s research interests are in the areas of technical and behavioral aspects of big data analytics, privacy and security, electronic commerce and social commerce, the role of dispositional factors in IT, healthcare information systems, and IT adoption and discontinuation. He has published his research in several academic journals and is currently serving on the editorial board of a few journals.

Dr. Christina Zhang

Associate Professor

Dr. Christina Zhang is an associate professor of finance in the College of Business at California State University, Monterey Bay. She graduated from Tulane University in May 2015 with a Ph.D. in Finance.

Her research interests include corporate finance, financial intermediation, and financial markets. In addition to pursuing her own research interests by presenting her work at various regional and international conferences, she served on the committee of several national conferences. As a committee member, she helped select quality papers into the conferences and organize various sessions.

Dr. Zhang is also an advanced tax preparer in the VITA program. She has volunteered at least three hours a week during the tax season to assist low-income taxpayers with tax return filings.

Dr. Mohamed Abouzahra

Assistant Professor

Dr. Mohamed Abouzahra has 17 years of professional experience in information technology, leading teams and applying evidence-based management. He has provided consulting services for C-suite executives for the past eight years in healthcare, business, social media, and security.

Dr. Abouzahra received an M.Sc. in Computer Engineering from Alexandria University, an M.Sc in Engineering Management from the University of Missouri-Rolla, and a Ph.D. in Management Information Systems from McMaster University.

Dr. Karlee Posteher

Assistant Professor

Dr. Karlee Posteher is an assistant professor of management and business communication at CSUMB. Her expertise is in persuasive messaging and the ways in which strategic communication influences organizational members. Prior to teaching, she worked in Business and Finance Communications at Arizona State University (ASU), where she developed a passion for helping others become effective and professional communicators.

A former Division I student-athlete and international collegiate volleyball coach, Dr. Posteher’s passion for research is rooted in sport. At ASU, she was part of the Center for Strategic Communication and worked on a four-year grant project funded by the NCAA to examine student-athletes and their concussion reporting behaviors. Her most recent work has focused on collegiate athletic recruiting and student-athlete socialization.

She holds a Ph.D. from Arizona State University, an M.A. from Durham University Business School, England, and a B.A. from Loyola University of Maryland.

Dr. James (Jamy) Schaap


Dr. James I. Schaap, or Jamy, as he likes to be called, has over 25 years of international business management experience in the areas of leadership and strategic planning, accounting and finance, forecasting and budgeting, corporate training, operations, and marketing. He spent 16 of those years working for a market-leading foreign multinational firm. He is also a management consultant, specializing in strategic management, and has worked for the largest consulting firm in Northern Nevada. Additionally, Dr. Schaap is a former Certified Professional Consultant to Management (CPCM) and a former Certified Business Counselor (CBC).

Dr. Schaap has more than 38 years of experience in adjunct university teaching, specializing in strategic management and policy, organizational leadership, International management, marketing management, business communications, and changing business environments. He was a co-founder, pioneer, and former board member at The Center for Logistics Management, College of Business, University of Nevada, Reno, where he taught for more than 24 years. He is also passionate about providing much-needed graduate education to professionals who cannot attend traditional, classroom educational programs.

Dr. Schaap is adept in business writing, public speaking, facilitating, and developing the five-step strategic planning process. He has written numerous business plans, a variety of training manuals, and many policies and procedures. He has also published numerous articles in peer-reviewed journals, specifically in the business field. Dr. Schaap is a former Marine Corps corporal and a Vietnam veteran and has published a book about his first hand combat experiences in Vietnam titled, “Vietnam: My War – Five Decades Later.”

He holds a Ph.D. in Philosophy from Fielding Graduate University, an MBA from Pepperdine University, an M.A. in Human Development from Fielding Graduate University, and a B.S. in Business Administration from California State University, Northridge.

Dr. Gustavo Del Rivero


Dr. Gustavo Del Rivero is an international business executive and lecturer. He has managed people and projects in every continent; has been CEO of three companies in the U.S. and Mexico; is a consultant to financial analysts on Wall Street on the automotive wheel industry. He owns and operates Global Commercial Trading, LLC in Long Beach, California.

He has over 30 years of international business and management experience. He is currently working on projects in Brazil, China, Colombia, France, India, Malaysia, Mexico, Norway, Oman, Russia, and Vietnam. In non-Covid times, he frequently holds student sessions from these countries or airports around the world. He holds a BSME, MBA, and DBA. Courses he has taught include BUS 682 and BUS 684.

Dr. Jill Hosmer-Jolley


Dr. Jill Hosmer-Jolley is a lecturer in the CSUMB College of Business. In 2021, Dr. Hosmer-Jolley received her doctorate from Northcentral University, Business Administration - Management. Dr. Hosmer also holds an MBA from Simmons College, Boston Massachusetts.

Before teaching at CSUMB in 2008, Hosmer-Jolley held executive positions at Charles Schwab. She currently serves as a lecturer in Management, Human Resources, Organizational Behavior, Ethics, and Service Learning. Hosmer-Jolley also is an elected member of the academic assembly for the Committee on Equity and Inclusion.

Dr. Amado Mabul


Dr. Amado Mabul is a lecturer at the CSUMB College of Business. Dr. Mabul teaches Operations Management (Bus 309), Business Finance (Bus 307), International Business (Bus 493),and Business Analytics Fundamentals (Bus 299) at CSUMB. His background includes working for a Philippine trade promotion organization for 14 years, wherein he did business advising for export companies including developing and participating in export-related programs and activities initiated by the agency. He also managed a division within the same office, handling the North and South American markets, where he had the opportunity to network and consult with movers in industry associations to discuss and consult market entry strategies and going on overseas business missions for the above mentioned foreign markets. Prior to that stint, he also worked in operations for a motorcycle manufacturing company.

He received his doctorate in business administration (DBA) in 2018. His other educational background includes receiving his B.S. in Management and Industrial Engineering from the Mapua Institute of Technology (MIT) and his MBA from the University of the City of Manila, both in the Philippines.

Karen Wisdom


Karen Wisdom is a lecturer at the CSUMB College of Business. She grew up in Las Vegas and moved to Tucson, Arizona for college. After receiving her B.A., she continued living in Arizona until 2000, when she moved to California to work at Stanford University. From there, she moved to the Monterey Bay area where she has been an advisor and lecturer at CSUMB since 2003.

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