How to Apply to CSUMB for an Online MBA

The online MBA application process is completed in our online application system. We have made the process as streamlined as possible for your convenience. Use the timeline below to keep track of admissions milestones. Advisors are available if you have questions along the way. Below is an example of what your timeline may look like.


1. Gather/Update Documents

Request Official Transcripts 30 min

To finalize your application, we must receive official transcripts from all institutions attended, both undergraduate and graduate.

Collect Unofficial Transcripts 30 min

To expedite the review process, we encourage you to submit unofficial transcripts so we can begin to evaluate your credentials.

Request Letters of Recommendation 1 hour

We require two letters of recommendation, which should be submitted via the online application system. View recommender requirements here.

Update Resume/CV 30 min

Along with your application, you will need to submit a current resume or CV demonstrating your professional experience. View specific requirements here.

Academic History
Supporting Information

2. Personal Statement

Develop Personal Statement 1-3 hours

You must submit a personal statement that is at least three pages double spaced, outlining why you are embarking on this degree program. For more detailed instructions see below.

Detail Description of Leadership and Management Experience 1-2 hours

Ensure that your resume and personal statement both speak to your job duties and responsibilities. While management experience is a plus, it is not required.

The personal statement must be in the format of a “business narrative” and include section headers as appropriate. Please use a "question" followed by "answer" format; bulleted or outline formats are NOT acceptable.

Applicants must include an indication of work experience in their personal statement.

The statement should outline why you are embarking on this degree program and include the following questions and answers:

  • Why are you interested in the CSUMB Online MBA program?
  • How might your MBA experience assist your future organization?
  • How might your MBA experience assist your MBA classmates?
  • How might you visualize the MBA program helping you to solve real-world problems?
  • Define what responsible business means to you and explain how you can use this concept in your career.
  • Briefly name organizations for which you have worked and describe any work experiences that you have had.
Personal Statement

3. Complete FAFSA

2 hours*

Federal aid is available to qualifying students. Fill out the FAFSA with CSUMB school code 032603

*Be sure to have your most recent tax returns in front of you and choose to receive your PIN by email.


4. Complete Application

30 min - 1 hour

A completed CSU Monterey Bay application and $70 application fee are required for consideration to the Online MBA program.

Complete Application

Entrance Exams

The GMAT is not a requirement for our Online MBA program.

More questions?

Check out our FAQ page.

To speak with an Admissions Advisor please call 844-302-1424.

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November 5th
Spring 2022 Term
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