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California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) is a university with a mission.

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Founded in 1994, CSUMB is committed to serving students as a multilingual, multicultural, and gender-inclusive educational institution, and the same values hold true for our College of Business. As we welcome all to enrich their future through higher education, our College of Business focuses specifically on preparing students to solve the unique challenges of today’s business world by making significant investments in technology and innovation. Our dual focus is on integrating learning with practical applications while also providing a foundation for ethical practices and responsible business endeavors, and it has attracted a fair share of national attention.

In 2018, CSUMB graduated its largest ever class of students.1 In 2019, the University received a 10-year reaffirmation of its accreditation by the Western Association of Schools and Colleges (WASC), the longest period of accreditation achievable.2 “CSUMB received this accolade due to our commitment to the whole student, a culture of innovation and regional stewardship,” says Fran Horvath, CSUMB’s interim provost.3

In 2022, CSUMB was ranked #4 in Social Mobility - Regional Universities (West), #9 in Top Public Schools - Regional Universities (West) and #25 in Regional Universities (West) by US News & World Report.4

A Focus on Responsible Business

The CSUMB College of Business shares the vision of the broader University, placing specific emphasis on the idea of responsible business practices. Across all curricula in all of our business programs, both students and faculty are challenged to approach business in a way that focuses not only on the bottom line but also on how to increase profits while having a positive impact in the world.

We call this the quintuple bottom line.

Check out the blogs our graduating students created during their capstone course as they studied companies and responsible business.


Exploring the Quintuple Bottom Line

The concept of the quintuple bottom line is based on a simultaneous and interrelated focus on five key concepts, priorities of equal weight in the interest of which successfully responsible businesses must strive to act at all times:

  • Profit
    Profit is the lifeblood of business. Without it, we can have no impact on the world. But it can never be the sole focus of an organization’s efforts, and must always be pursued in concert with an attentiveness to the other items on this list. Financial success is meaningless without a focus on responsibility and full consideration for others.
  • People
    In our Organization and Leadership class, CSUMB College of Business students study leadership within the context of sensitivity to cross-cultural differences and employee motivation. To ensure they can create healthy and sustainable teams, we train future leaders to understand and treat their employees and coworkers as people.
  • Planet
    Taking care of our planet is a critical component of responsible business practice, and effective consideration for the planet means business leaders must consider not just their own practices but those of their supply chain as well.
  • Ethics
    Attracting and retaining talent isn’t just about pay anymore—86 percent of young workers take corporate responsibility into account when looking for a job.4 At CSUMB, we’re committed to training the leaders of tomorrow to do business ethically because it’s what the future of work demands.
  • Equity
    Business decisions have a ripple effect on the world at large. At the CSUMB College of Business, we know that training the business leaders of tomorrow requires asking important questions about our shared stake in the future. How can our business pursuits, whether as entrepreneurs or within a corporate structure, contribute to the betterment of society, especially for underserved populations?

Here, you will learn not just how to run the business of the future, but how to do so while making the world a better place.

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