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A Unique Online MBA Degree Program Experience

If you're passionate about business and want to achieve a higher education degree, the Online MBA degree program at California State University, Monterey Bay can help you reach your goals. Our students encounter individualized study, rich diversity, global perspectives and sophisticated technologies in our Online MBA program. Whether you have entrepreneurial dreams or aspire to be a top executive at your company, an Online MBA can be the tool to get you there.

Studying for your MBA online gives you the flexibility to fit the program into your own schedule, so you can make it work for you whenever you're ready. Learn on your own time as you work toward a degree that opens up possibilities for higher income, senior-level positions and more opportunities to obtain the position you want at the company you want to work for. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reports that those with a master's degree make an average of nearly $12,000 more a year compared to those with only a bachelor's degree.1 Studying for an MBA degree online can be a significant investment for your financial future and career satisfaction.

$3000 Tuition Offset Available!

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The CSUMB Online MBA Program

When you study for an Online MBA degree at CSUMB, you gain the freedom to learn on your own time, in a supportive online environment with small class sizes. The same exceptionally qualified professors who teach on campus are the instructors for our online courses, and our online interface allows you to bond with instructors and students and gain new, meaningful connections. In the Online MBA program at CSUMB, you can:

  • Study online, virtually any time, day or night
  • Apply for admission with no GMAT required
  • Absorb valuable and relevant experiential knowledge
  • Build lasting relationships that will serve you throughout your career
  • Benefit from "real time" case discussions with peers and instructors that relate to today's business news and issues
  • Enjoy unique learning and networking opportunities in our interactive environment
  • Receive direct attention in online classes capped at 30 students each
  • Begin your studies at one of three annual start times: January, June and August

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Learn the Latest in Responsible Business Strategies From CSUMB

Today's business world requires forward-thinking strategies to stay competitive and serve the needs of customers with innovative products and services. The CSUMB Online MBA curriculum is guided by top-trending business topics, with lessons instilling the responsible values required of business leaders today and featuring practice simulations for students to tackle realistic scenarios.

In the Online MBA program at CSUMB, students master competencies including:

  • Ethics in decision making
  • Organizational leadership and teamwork
  • Effective communication and management
  • Critical thinking and problem identification
  • Networking and business politics
  • Marketing
  • Understanding and incorporating diversity
  • Research fluency and analysis
  • Systems thinking
  • Strategic execution

The 38-unit Online Master of Business Administration is a selective, fixed-curriculum graduate degree program. Lessons are a mix of soft skills (leadership, teamwork, ethics, networking, politics) and hard skills (economics, finance, marketing, management) that enable business leaders to thrive in diverse workplaces.

No two courses in the Online MBA program are alike, with course titles that include Responsible Business Communication, Information Systems and Business Analytics, Business Strategy and Entrepreneurship, and Global Sustainable Business. For students who want to own their own businesses, those who are aspiring executives and those who want to grow in their current careers, an Online MBA can help graduates accelerate their professional growth with increased knowledge and skill mastery.

Jose Garcia

Student Spotlight: Jose Garcia

“...I found online learning to have greater value and enjoyment than I originally had perceived. The key to this change of heart was in the fact that CSUMB made the Online MBA program highly interactive with plenty of sources of communication, both between students and staff. The interactions I had between my peers made the online experience highly enjoyable and memorable, which is something that I truly was not expecting upon first considering the program.”
Jose Garcia
Jose Garcia
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Why Choose California State University, Monterey Bay?

CSUMB's Online MBA degree program is the program of choice for diverse students who are working professionals in healthcare, consulting, advertising, technology and financial services, among many other verticals. While our online classes deliver convenient flexibility and allow students to study on any device anywhere they are, lessons are taught in interactive settings that allow students to work with classmates and receive personalized and prompt help from instructors.

CSUMB was recently awarded $8 million in innovation grants and is consistently recognized as an innovator among its programs.2 CSUMB is proud to have achieved the following accolades that help make it a leader in Online MBA programs:

  • Ranked #6 in Top Regional Public Schools West3
  • Ranked #34 in Regional Universities West4
  • Ranked #27 in Best Colleges for Hispanic Students5

This increase in ranking supports CSUMB's rising stature among universities with Online MBA programs. Our school is committed to continually improving our program to deliver an extraordinary MBA experience to our students.

No GMAT Required

Unlike many universities that require standardized testing to enroll in an MBA program, CSUMB does not require the GMAT for admittance. This is great for students who do not perform well on standardized tests but still have the passion and drive to succeed.

Contact CSUMB About Our Online MBA Program

If you'd like to learn more about how an Online MBA from CSUMB can help you achieve your business goals, don't hesitate to make an appointment with an Admissions Advisor today.

You can also view testimonials, get Online MBA degree resources, and more by visiting our blog. For answers to other questions, please contact our Online MBA team here.

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