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The Working Mom's Guide to Earning an MBA Degree Online

February 05, 2016

If you’re currently employed and looking to advance in your career, an online degree may be just what you’re looking for.

Degrees have become increasingly important in the society we live in today, but they aren’t always easy for people to get – especially those who are already established and working. Apart from expense, getting a degree can be time consuming and tough to fit around a busy schedule and thus, many people who want one are deterred. The good news is this doesn’t always have to be the case.

If you’re looking to get an MBA but think you just don’t have the time, think again. Online degree programs are becoming increasingly popular, especially among working parents, and the reason is simple: you can do it around your schedule.

Take the California State University, Monterey Bay (CSUMB) MBA program for example. The program is a great option for anyone looking to earn an MBA, regardless of their current work status and the level of work they’re looking to enter. The best part is this online MBA program allows flexibility and offers a curriculum consisting of 38 units of credit, delivered across 14 courses, which are each taken one at a time. This means you can get your MBA degree in as few as 18 months with no GMAT.

If this sounds better for your schedule than taking a class at the local university, that’s because it is. You don’t need to worry about making it to class on time when you first need to pick up your children from school after work because the class starts when you want it to.

Afraid you’re going to miss out on the important group atmosphere that you learn in business schools? Fear not because the idea that online programs don’t include group work is just a myth. Many people stay away from online programs because they think they’re not getting the same level of education or experience, but it’s quite the opposite.

Think about the world we live in today. Everything is online. So what better place to learn how to do business than in an online setting? You’ll still learn the importance of working with others and how to improve in that area, you’ll still learn about business practices today along with the fundamentals, and you’ll still get the education you’re looking for to help give yourself and your family a better life and increased opportunity. You’ll just do it all on your schedule and in the comfort of wherever you choose.

Take advantage of what online programs have to offer you, because it’s more than you think. Traditional schooling has evolved and opportunities are now available to those who never had them before. A working mom earning an MBA 20 years ago may have been rare and even unheard of, but not anymore. You can have an established life and still earn your degree. Don’t hold yourself back because of excuses that aren’t valid in the world we live in today.

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