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Selecting an Online MBA, No GMAT Required Program

February 14, 2018
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Choosing an Online MBA Program Without the GMAT

Getting your MBA can provide career benefits including upward mobility at work, a higher salary and the ability to apply for and achieve the positions in business you want. Yet for some prospective students, advantages like these are outweighed by the thought of having to take a stressful standardized test like the GMAT. Standardized testing isn't conducive to all types of learners, and it's not always an indicator of future success. With this in mind, California State University, Monterey Bay offers an online MBA program with no GMAT required, which allows students to enter the program without having to take the test.

No-GMAT MBA programs are ideal for students who:

  • Are intelligent and driven, but don’t necessarily excel at standardized testing
  • Experience anxiety before or during testing
  • Are interested in an online MBA program but want to avoid having to take the GMAT

Online MBA programs are desirable for diverse student populations today who want to learn and study on their own time, on their own devices, from anywhere in the world. If you're considering applying for an online MBA, here are some factors to consider during your search.

Consider the School’s Reputation

A business school's reputation is an important component when comparing options for your MBA degree. How a university is regarded is meaningful because:

  • Successful alumni can lead to new connections, mentorships and professional referrals
  • Hiring managers and top business executives who hold the school in high regard may be more likely to hire graduates from that school
  • National university ranking systems like U.S. News & World Report take into account attributes such as student engagement, selectivity of admissions, peer reputation, faculty training and credentials, technology and student services, which are comprehensive factors that provide a thorough comparison for prospective students and hirers

Students searching for an MBA program should also consider national accreditations the school has received. Often, universities must undergo a rigorous selection process that includes peer reviews and committee reviews to be accredited. Talking with alumni can also help prospective students understand the value of an MBA from a specific university.

Look for Quality Instruction in an Online MBA Program

The appeal of studying for an MBA in an online setting is that students gain the flexibility of being able to study from wherever they are, any time they want, conveniently on their devices. There's no need to relocate to a school campus or spend time commuting. It is important, however, to ensure that the conveniences afforded by an online MBA program are not offset by a dip in the quality of the faculty. Despite a lack of in-person interaction, students should strive to find a program whose faculty is:

  • Quickly responsive to student questions
  • Expert and experienced in their fields of business specialty

Online tools such as LinkedIn allow prospective students to learn about their professors' business expertise. This accomplished faculty directs an innovative curriculum in an immersive online environment that promotes development of skills like leadership, teamwork, economics and finance.

Find an Online MBA Program That’s Interactive

Because getting an online MBA sets up students for success in collaborative business environments, being able to converse with classmates and faculty openly is vital for future success. An online MBA program should be highly interactive even though it's in a digital setting, allowing students to form relationships with classmates and faculty that can lead to future business referrals and mentorships that allow students to thrive.

Students searching for an online MBA program should consider universities that:

  • Include both individual and group projects
  • Promote collaborative feedback from students and professors
  • Encourage relationship-building among students to foster future business connections

CSU Monterey Bay provides online MBA students with an engaging class experience in a user-friendly online setting. From the use of video technology for teaching and collaboration to prompt responses to questions, the Online MBA program at CSU Monterey Bay prepares students for the teamwork and collaboration they're likely to encounter as leaders in the business world.

Choose CSU Monterey Bay for a No-GMAT MBA

CSU Monterey Bay is committed to helping today's MBA students participate in engaging study and go on to use their MBA degrees for more fulfilling and rewarding careers. Students who are interested in an MBA program with no GMAT requirement should visit us online for more information.