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CSUMB Named One of Money.com's Most Transformative Colleges

January 16, 2020
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Money.com released its Most Transformative Colleges list with California State University, Monterey Bay ranking #16.1 The list ranks institutions based on their “value add” scores. According to Money.com, they’re not surprised when elite schools report high graduation rates or alumni success and lofty salaries. What they find most impressive is when an institution’s graduates perform better than would be anticipated based on their academic and economic backgrounds.

Graduation rates, earnings, and student loan repayment all contribute to the ranking criterion for the exclusive “value-added” scores. In an article highlighting Money.com’s list, CEOWorld Magazine explained that the “value add” indicator signifies when an institution’s graduates defy the odds and outperform preconceived notions based on their academic and economic backgrounds.2 Below, we’ll explore how CSUMB helps support students and transform their academic careers.

Our Graduate Student Body Demographics

In the fall of 2019, there were 657 graduate students enrolled at CSUMB, 207 of which are CSUMB undergraduate alumni.3 The graduate student body is predominantly female, and the bulk of our students range from 25-30 years old, though 42 percent are 31 years old or older.3 Regionally, half of our students hail from the Tri-County area. At the same time, northern, southern, and central California account for another 40 percent of the graduate population.3

While the definition of Underrepresented Minority (URM) can be murky, the URM designation is generally consistent among universities. An Underrepresented Minority can be defined as a group whose percentage of the population in a given group is lower than their percentage of the population in the country.4 At CSUMB, as well as many other colleges and universities, underrepresented minorities are generally considered to include: Hispanic/Latinos, African Americans, and Native Americans.3 Thirty-six percent of our graduate students fall into the URM designation.3 A little under half of our graduate students are first-generation college students, and 28 percent of all graduate-level students are from low-income households.2

Part of the reason that CSUMB ranked highly on Money.com’s Most Transformative Colleges list is due to the university’s graduation rate, which is an impressive 50 percent higher than schools with similar student bodies.5 We achieve this rate by offering our students unparalleled support.

How We Support Our MBA Students

There were 189 MBA candidates at CSUMB in the fall of 2019.3 Our goal was and is to help each of them succeed in business and life. So what kind of support can you expect as an MBA candidate at CSUMB?

Our program was created with the needs and time constraints of working professionals in mind. The manageable workload allows students to further their current careers while setting themselves up for future success in new and exciting roles. Achieving your goals may not be easy, but we do everything we can to make sure it’s possible. Here are some ways we help our MBA candidates on their journey:

  • $3,000 scholarship for first-time enrollments
  • Textbooks are included
  • Financial aid packaging guaranteed for those who apply within the priority application deadline
  • Flexible hours allow you to keep your full-time job
  • Coursework, skills, and methods that can be immediately applicable to your current job
  • Free Pearson MyLab program includes math and writing skill support
  • Included in the California State University system, offering tremendous resources to our online students
  • Online tutoring support via NetTutor including ESOL/bilingual support
  • Dedicated Student Success Coordinator
  • 24/7 tech support
  • Professional development workshop

CSUMB’s College of Business offers a transformative educational experience through the Online MBA program. With a focus on responsible business and sustainability, our curriculum is designed with a business focus based on the quintuple bottom line of profit, people, planet, ethics, and equity. Explore our Online MBA and discover how you can transform your career and make your brightest future possible.

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