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The Online MBA at CSU Monterey Bay: A Program for the Bay Area

April 30, 2018
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If you've always wanted a premier Bay Area education but aren't keen on relocating, pursuing an Online MBA degree from California State University, Monterey Bay provides you with a respected degree to help you further your business career. CSU Monterey Bay's Online MBA program is 100 percent online, giving you convenient access to the #6 Top Regional Public School West.1 And it's part of the Cal State System, which is the largest four-year public university system in the United States, offering tremendous resources to its online students.2

In the Online MBA program, students enjoy small class sizes and can conduct their studies on their own time. The interactive online learning environment makes students feel immersed in a Bay Area MBA program, right from the convenience of their home or wherever they're studying. Here are a few more benefits we provide through this innovative program:

Network With Diverse Business Professionals

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This Bay Area university attracts students from all over the world. Students from a variety of professional backgrounds are represented in the program, including from the healthcare, technology, educational services and consulting industries. Through group work and discussions, students are able to network and learn from other students with valuable, diverse experience.

One CSU Monterey Bay Online MBA alumnus, Bryan Neal, encourages students in the Online MBA program to get to know others in their cohort in order to forge strong relationships that last well into the future. Another 2016 graduate, Christina Hannon, echoes that developing strong connections with peers and professors enhances the learning process.

Online MBA students also become a part of a rich network of alumni while they're studying and after graduation, which students can utilize for referrals and mentorships. The people you meet in the program may inspire you to pursue a different career track or apply for a new job.

Study at a School That Is a Leader in Innovation

As a cutting-edge university, CSU Monterey Bay is regularly awarded grants that enable students and professors to work on innovative projects with a global focus. For example, CSU Monterey Bay was awarded $8 million in innovation grants by the state of California through its Awards for Innovation in Higher Education program. Accolades such as these are characteristic of an institution focused on being a global leader in innovation.

CSU Monterey Bay's faculty members are also respected in their fields and possess a passion for continued learning themselves. CSU Monterey Bay is thrilled to have seven professors on campus who are Fulbright Scholars, awarded for their work around the globe through one of the most prestigious scholarship programs available.

In the Online MBA program, students learn from professors with robust business experience, who are able to convey real-world experiences in their lessons. Students can form meaningful relationships with professors in the Online MBA program because class sizes are small and professors are continually available online.

Learn From a Curriculum Focused in Entrepreneurship and Global Business

The Online MBA program at CSU Monterey Bay prepares students to thrive in any business environment, whether they want to start their own enterprise or obtain an executive role at a major company. The diverse curriculum is rooted in entrepreneurship with a global business perspective. Students not only learn business fundamentals, but they are then able to apply those fundamentals to their own simulated business venture. Students plan, organize, implement and control a business in a competitive environment, through a challenging and engaging in-class market.

Through this program, students learn all the essential skills to become a successful business leader, from hard skills like finance and accounting to soft skills like communication and management. Graduates receive a well-rounded MBA education that prepares them to thrive in a variety of scenarios.

Get More Information About an MBA Program in the Bay Area

Don't sacrifice your current routine for your education. With the CSU Monterey Bay Online MBA program, you can get an impressive Bay Area business degree while continuing to work full- or part-time, without having to move. You'll be able to meet diverse students, work with accomplished professors and study in a stimulating and engaging environment that prepares you to succeed in business.

Learn more about the Online MBA program offered at CSU Monterey Bay so you can work toward a more enjoyable and prosperous career in business.

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