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An Online MBA with an Emphasis on Collaboration

September 08, 2017
Student Spotlight: Sean Kranyak, MBA ’16

How did you feel at the start of the CSUMB Online MBA program versus at the end? What were your expectations, and were they met, exceeded or changed?

Prior to starting the Online MBA program at California State University, Monterey Bay, I was expecting a significant amount of reading and schoolwork in general.

At the start of the online program, I was slightly surprised by the amount of group work that was assigned, which required communicating with many people in different parts of the United States. The group work communication became easier as we progressed throughout the program.

Overall, the workload was in alignment with what I had expected, as, after all, it is an MBA program.

What are some skills that you learned through the program that you now use in your professional career?

I feel the Online MBA program bolstered my communication and team-coordination skills, as both were plentiful throughout the program. I work in real estate, and both communication and activity coordination are very important. The online program improved my ability to communicate with others, which I feel is only going to increase in value as technology and workplace communications continue to evolve. I also feel the program improved my time management skills.

Studying online presented the opportunity to continue pursuing my work endeavors while simultaneously improving upon my academic credentials and knowledge.

Juggling work and school required me to improve my time management skills to ensure success in both. I feel time management is a critical skill in most every industry, and it surely is in mine.

Most importantly, the MBA program enabled me to develop cognitive skills. My improved ability to collect information, comprehend and make decisions based off of that information is a skill set that has already proven to be invaluable.

Why would you recommend the CSUMB Online MBA program to someone?

I pursued the CSUMB Online MBA to improve upon my knowledge of business in hopes of increasing my value to employers and to ultimately increase my chances of success in the workplace.

While I wanted the knowledge and clout associated with the MBA degree, I just couldn’t quit work to obtain it. Then I found the CSUMB Online MBA program.

I would recommend the Online MBA program to anyone who also can’t afford to pass up work to obtain an MBA degree. I am convinced that it will provide comparable knowledge, connections and skills.

What project from your program are you most proud of?

I cannot say I am most proud of any single project in the program, but I am most proud of my involvement throughout the entire program. I experienced my leadership skills evolve and developed skills that I will take with me for the rest of my life.

The project that I enjoyed the most was the integrated strategy simulation in our Business Strategy course. The project had a fun element of competition and required the utilization of many business skill sets, including marketing, management, finance and accounting, and much more.

What has earning a master’s degree from CSUMB truly meant to you?

I am proud to have earned a master’s degree from CSUMB. I will stand toe-to-toe with any business graduate student, confident in the knowledge I have gained and the skills I have improved, thanks to the program.

As an alumnus, what tips or advice would you give to someone who is coming into the Online MBA program?

To someone who is going to pursue the Online MBA program at CSUMB, I would suggest that they take advantage of the curriculum and strive to get the most out of the program. Getting a master’s can seem daunting at first, which can inspire an “I just want to get through this” attitude in some.

The reality is: The program will be over before you know it, and one must make sure that the money and time dedicated to the program is, or was, well spent.

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